Company philosophy

"Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind . Let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not for his own interest but also for the interest of others."
Philippians 2:3-4
Who ever ant to be first must be the servant to others  
‍Philippians 2:3-4

Striving Atheletes exemplify




self control




Being a student of
the game


focusing on what they can control

Taking  accountability and being a solution focused thinker

Understanding  being mentally strong is more important than phsycical

Giving 110% in practice

Mastering mechanics and Fundamentals not until there good but until they cant get it Wrong

Losing  with grace and sportsmanship

Mission Statement

Tunnel vision sports is a 3 phased non profitable organization offering services entailing baseball/softball, football and basketball.  Phase 1 is baseball/softball , consisting of mobile batting practice , field work , bullpen services and personalized training tailored to the specific needs of each kid/athlete. Our mission is to not only train kids, but to train and give our undivided attention to the kids who may be getting left behind. Every kid develops and retain’s information and teaching’s at their own pace. Leading coaches to gravitate towards the kids who appear more skilled, receptive, and able to retain there teachings at a faster pace. Which makes coaching easier, but at the sametime there not taking heed to the kids being left behind. And this where we step in prioritizing and focusing on building a genuine relationship with every athlete. So we can better understand what they need to prosper as an athlete. The focal point is configuring a tailored coaching  for each athlete creating a safe haven that allows them to learn and retain  teachings they are being taught.   Focusing on the tedious tools and mechanics  will be the propellant needed for these athletes to prosper physically, mentally, and emotionally.




Jamel Whitaker Ceo and Press of operations at Tunnel Vision Sports LLC
Hi my name is Jamel Whitaker and im obsessed with baseball. I'm a former athlete,  sports enthusiast, and coach that eats sleeps and breaths sports, Hence the reason I created tunnel vision sports the first mobile batting practice company in the world.  I have many memories scoring touchdowns, baskets and hitting homeruns, but the memories I savior are  those with coaches who gave me there undivided attention and  taught me the game I love til this day. On top my love for sports, I have to much experience and knowledge not share wit with the generation of athletes. Im looking forward to sharing my obsession with you guys, & helping your athlete grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Payment is dependent upon customers
discretion , donation based.

Meaning customers pay what they choose to , can or nothing at all. Any donation I receive is used to buy more equipment & contributes to the expansion and growth of Tunnel Vision Sports. Your donations allows me to have a variety of equipment available for customers to use during there sessions.  
Acceptable payment methods :
Cash ,Cash app PayPal

Two Seam

➼   Bullpen services

➼  Duration : 2 Hours

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➼  Bullpen services

➼ Duration : 1 Hour

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➼   Choice of batting practice and/or field work.

➼ Duration : 1 Hour

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➼   Choice of batting practice and/or field work.

➼ Duration  : 2 Hours

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